Archive - February 7, 2011

Ben: Day 7 – Nap and Rally

Day 7:   0 lap swim, 1.5 mile run, 11.0 mile bike

Totals:  76/105 (+10) lap swim, 19/25 (-3) mile run, 69/105 (-12) mile bike

I almost lost the whole day to a fantastic napski. After work I just rested my eyes a little… and before I knew it was 630 and time for a dinner engagement (with my mom).   Continue Reading ->

Mitch: Day 7 – Meecho’s Surefire 2 Step Program to Success

Today marks the 1 week benchmark of our February Self-paced Triathlon Challenge.

Maybe it’s the post-workout endorphins surging through me, or the lingering effects of that 5-hour Energy® I had yesterday morning, but I killed it at the gym today and I feel great. Continue Reading ->

Mitch: Day 6 – Act of Desperation?

[Editor’s note: This post is a response to Ben’s account of Day 6 which can be found here.]

The time was 12:05 AM tonight, and I was lounging on the couch, just finishing up the hand-written first draft of my daily post. Then comes Ben, gallivanting up the stairs with the biggest shit eatin’ grin you can imagine. Continue Reading ->

Ben: Day 6 – Performance Enhancing Drugs

Day 6:   20 lap swim, 3.0 mile run, 5.0 mile bike

Totals:  76/105 lap swim, 17.5/25 mile run, 58/105 mile bike

Mitch has been hammering this competition. This is a guy that everyone used to call “the king of naps”. A nice lady, thinking the worst, once sprinted to his rescue only to find him comfortably asleep on his front lawn. Continue Reading ->