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Ben: Day 11 – Never Give Up

Day 11:   0 lap swim, 2.0 mile run, 0.0 mile bike

Totals:  106/105 (-18) lap swim, 29/24 (+2) mile run, 95/110 (-31) mile bike

So by now you might be thinking, “Ben’s done, he’s screwed, he drinks too much, I know Ben and he’s just going to give up.” You might be right… after all today I only squeezed in a 2 mile run OUTDOORS! and then I ran to the pub for a very important beer league softball meeting. But after reading Mitch’s Day 11 post (easily his best yet), and thinking about how he took the entire day off because he’s so confident in his lead, it made me think about challenges from my past. One simply does not encounter vicious bloody battles like Mitch and I are engaged in enough in life, and so the few hardships we do encounter really stick with us.

I recall a time a couple buddies of mine (I’ll leave them unnamed, but I’ll show video of their faces) decided we would try to conquer the Maah Daah Hey Trail in the Badlands of western North Dakota. It was a cool mid summer morning, early July, when we set out for what should have been a modest ~12 mile scamper through this desert wasteland. Here’s a clip from early on:

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Mitch: Day 11 – Gotta Win This for the Mitches

So I was lounging on the couch working on our blog, and I decided to try googling “benvsmitch.” And the result?

Showing results for ben smith. Search instead for benvsmitch.

I had to laugh. Google decided I probably mistyped in the search bar and actually wanted to search for “ben smith,” giving me those results. Clicking on benvsmitch didn’t lead me to our blog either. Doesn’t 855 hits on our site mean anything to you, Google? What I did find though was enthralling and unexpected to say the least. Kinda felt like uncovering a treasure chest in the attic of your grandparents’ house, a history you never knew existed until that moment. As it turns out, throughout the history of Earth, there has been a rich tradition of bouts between the Bens and the Mitches in this world. I would like to present to you a few.

Round 1: Mitch vs Ben

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Ben: Day 10

Day 10:   0 lap swim, 3.0 mile run, 4.0 mile bike

Totals:  106/105 (-18) lap swim, 27/24 (+-) mile run, 95/110 (-31) mile bike

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