Archive - February 13, 2011

Ben: Day 13 – Avoiding the Meat and Potato Burritos

Day 13:   25 lap swim, 3.0 mile run, 16.0 mile bike

Totals:  131/105 (+7) lap swim, 35/24 (+0.5) mile run, 138/110 (-17) mile bike

First off we need to give props to a wedding dance legend named Gabe for taking some quality time from his work day to put together a tracking spreadsheet for the competition. The fruit of his brain is now featured as the benvsmitch header. Continue Reading->

Mitch: Day 13 – Out of Hibernation

Wow, the weather today was phenomenal! Maybe ol’ Punxsutawney Phil was right, and spring is near. (If you view the video, you can easily skip to 8:30 when he comes out, or 10:30 for the declaration.)

All this good weather made it hard to sleep this afternoon. That and Hixtax made a stop by the house to wish Ben a Happy Birthday with a case of Nordeast. No way I was sleeping through him and Ben busting a gut to the Maah Daah Hey videos. Continue Reading->

Ben: Day 12 – Speaking of Momentum

Day 12:   0 lap swim, 3.0 mile run, 27.0 mile bike

Totals:  106/105 (-18) lap swim, 32/24 (+2.5) mile run, 122/110 (-10) mile bike

There is something about a +40 degree day in February that brings a man back to life. It feels like shorts and t-shirt weather out there, and I’ve been taking advantage of it. No need for Meecho’s secrets of defeating the dreadmill, run miles come easy on the J-town streets. I’ll be back out there again today. Continue Reading->