Archive - February 25, 2011

Ben: Day 24 – A new personal best!

Day 24: 0 lap swim, 3.75 mile run, 12 mile bike

Totals: 276 lap swim, 69.25 mile run, 306 mile bike

Something amazing happened to me last night. I was eating dinner and reflecting on how it was nearly impossible to force my lard into moving yesterday. Every 1/10th mile was a struggle. My body was like a 4 year old kid clinging to his mothers legs shouting “I won’t wanna to go to the Fabric Warehouse”. So I listened to my body, pulled a grainbelt out of the fridge, and sprawled out on the recliner. That’s when it happened… sleep, >10 hours of good old fashioned mental unwinding and physical rebuilding. This was easily my February 2011 personal record. As good I as feel at 6am today, I’m ready to declare that this was my proudest accomplishment of the year.