Archive - February 28, 2011

Mitch: Day 27 – Benjaminesque Post

This is going to be short and sweet since I am on my lunch break from work. Had a great workout today:

20 laps swum (40 minutes)

5.5 miles run (57 mins 36s)

30 miles biked (89 mins 48s)

for a grand total workout time of +3 hours.

I was crunching some numbers for the first time tonight. It looks like I have a 37 miles bike and 29 laps deficit. At 3.5 mins/mile, that’s 2.16 hours, and 2 min/lap, 1 hour. So I’m 3+ hours in the hole going into the last day. Wonderful. You know, the odds are stacked against me, but I’ve seen greater obstacles overcome. Tomorrow will be my most valiant effort of the entire month. This isn’t called an Ironman competition for nothing.

Best of luck, Benjamin.